Young, Aspiring Software Developer interested in a New Grad position in the industry. 

My name is Simon, I am a graduating student from uOttawa, from the BSc Computer Science with Data Science Option program. I have industry-grade experience with python, specializing in machine learning and A.I. aspects as well as networking and multi-platform. I have low-level networking experience in Java, Python, C#, C++ and Flutter(Dart)/React Native, especially with packet manipulation/optimization. I have extensive data science experience with SQL, especially mySQL and PostgreSQL. My web development is very good, I produce wordpress websites and implement my own plug-ins for fun.

Although I am newly graduated, I think I have the tools needed to adapt in a new environment, and I am comfortable with researching by myself or with teammates.

Je suis entièrement francophone, le français c'est ma langue natale et j'ai un niveau avancé de compréhension, de subtilité et la technicité de ma langue natale. Je suis autant douée en français qu'en anglais.

Here is my Resume, please feel free to inquire at any time.